Unicorn Capital Partners is a team of dedicated VC investments professionals, managing a Rub 4,5B (~$65M) venture fund,


We are focused on breakthrough therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and medical IT sectors, addressing unmet medical need in Russia and globally.


Since we are funded by the Russian Venture Corporation, we are looking for investment opportunities and partnerships that would include a “Russian angle”, i.e. a certain part of development is to be carried out in Russia.  

Typical size of investment is $0.5M – $5M per company


We welcome:


  • New LPs in our Fund 

  • Investors for our existing or potential portfolio companies

  • Partners or collaborators to facilitate development of our technologies at global markets

  • Opportunities to in-license products/technologies for development and commercialization in Russia

  • Opportunities to invest in foreign biotech start-ups (in case they are prepared to spend a major part of funds received from Unicorn for R&D, preclinical, clinical, and other related services in Russia) 

To contact us please mail at info@unicpartners.com, and we’ll get in touch with you!

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